Planning for a Home Theatre

So you’ve been inspired to reward yourself and your family with a home theatre. Where do you even start? Who needs to be involved? How long will it take?

All pertinent questions. At Gangi Electrics, we are your local Melbourne experts on audio visual installations in Melbourne, and our senior electrician Rob Gangi is here to answer any questions you might have.

 Home Theatre


Who do you need to involve in the process?

For an ideal audiovisual experience, you need to talk to the wiring experts at Gangi, and then acoustic engineers to make the room sound incredible. These are the two essential contractors to involve in any home theatre project. If you choose to involve an architect, this is usually in preliminary stages, and interior designers may be involved afterwards.

Why would I need to consult an electrician?

Without correct wiring, building a home theatre can be a disaster. You can have great acoustics, lighting and furniture, but a home theatre without appropriate outlets is not a home theatre at all. It’s easy to overlook issues that come with projectors and wireless systems, which is why it’s absolutely essential to speak to the Melbourne audiovisual experts.

At what stage should electrical services become involved?

If you’re in the building process and you’re planning on a home theatre, then it’s best that you contact Gangi Electrics fairly early on, according to senior electrician Rob Gangi.

“As soon as you decide where the room is going to be is a good time to call us so that we can help,” he says. “Then you can talk to acoustic people so you can have a proper theatre, not a fancy lounge room that’s acoustically sound and dark with no windows.”

If your house is already built and you’re renovating, it’s still important to call early on so that you know what your options are. In some older houses, rewiring may be more difficult than other houses, and Gangi will be able to advise on these matters. Though there may not be the option of having a completely dark room, Gangi will nevertheless be able to help with other audiovisual installation issues.

Got more questions? Then give us a call or shoot through an email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.