Our values

Innovation is key

At the core of Gangi Electrics values lies our commitment to innovation. By uncovering and utilising the latest and emerging technologies, we believe we can expand possibilities and help shape outcomes for our clients.

From the outset, Gangi Electrics endeavored to forge long-standing relationships with some of Australia’s and the globe’s most innovative and reputable product manufacturers including Schneider Electric, Bosch, Sonos, NHP, Barco Clickshare, FLOS, KNX, Basalte and NX Witness just to name a few.

This provides Gangi Electrics’ clients with access to an array of pioneering solutions that utilise the latest and most environmental technologies.

Our clients deserve the best

Gangi Electrics understands that with today’s high paced environment; reliability and protection is key for any project. That is why Gangi Electrics only utilises proven technologies that have been trialled and tested against1the highest industry standards thus safeguarding the financial investment of our clients. We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust and results.

Our people are our greatest asset

We believe that exceptional service can only be achieved through the dedication and drive of our employees. That is why at Gangi Electrics we offer our people the support and resources needed to excel in an inclusive, family-like environment.

Gangi Electrics takes this mantra a step further by continually investing in personnel through comprehensive training programs. This ensures the continual growth of our employees and that they are abreast of the latest products and technological trends.

Safety in every step

Prevention of health hazards and accidents is a key goal for Gangi Electrics and is an integral part of our business processes. Occupational health and safety, analysing and managing risk, protecting employees and assets is implemented in every step throughout a project. At Gangi Electrics we have developed an extensive OHS Management System that has become engrained in the way we operate.